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Get Fit Get Life is a source of information to empower young women to live with a healthy lifestyle. The founder, Maggie Young, believes health is the foundation for a happy life. Young started out writing about nutritious foods, life and exercise in her blog, Get Fit Get Life, and decided to take the leap and make a website filled with up-to-date information about health news, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Young is a personal trainer, journalist and nutrition enthusiast. The Get Fit Get Life editorial team is made up of passionate fitness, nutrition and lifestyle gurus who live healthy lifestyles and want to inspire other to do the same.

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Vegetarian-Friendly Protein Options

By Kate Wilke

As a vegetarian who loves to be active, I have found it burdensome to worry so much about protein. I lift weights and realize I am not consuming enough protein to benefit from my workout. Jessica Bennett, a registered dietitian at Vanderbilt Nutrition Clinic, offered her advice on protein powders, vegetarian foods with high protein, and easy protein-packed snacks to prepare.


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The Mechanical Diet

By Hope Kumor

With so many diets out there, it’s difficult to choose one that works best for you. Fad diets, juicing and detoxing are a few popular ways to lose weight. But, what if you had to be on a diet due to fear of choking, without teeth or those who have Alzheimer’s Disease and it had nothing to do with losing a few pounds. There is such thing and I’ve interviewed Joanne Larsen, RD, to…

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By Ansley Childree BSEP, ACSM-HFS

SoulCycleis sweeping the nation and all demographics, including celebrities, seem to flock to its enticing characteristics. While most individuals can follow and keep up with the cycling routines, it’s mostly women that are drawn to this mode of exercise because it incorporates upper body movements while pedaling against resistance on the spin bike. So it’s…

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